The Visitors

For this project, I have photographed willing visitors to the Battleship Missouri Memorial, Waimea Bay Beach Park, and the Honolulu Academy of Arts. While subjects are dressed in their contemporary street clothes, many are posed in reference to the formal Victorian portraiture conventions common at photography's popular inception. The poses often leave the modern-day subjects looking out of place, or result in poetically weaving their presence in and out of time.

Like their 19th century counterparts, the subjects' clothing and belongings can be read as costumes and props which provide clues about their personal and cultural identities. A tension then arises between the global movement of ideas, people, and objects revealed in the subjects' appearances, and the aspects of preservation apparent in the selected locations. These locations form a loosely representative triad of history, nature, and culture. The categories overlap, merge, and fold over on themselves to create an image of a world in which we all traverse as mere or mighty visitors.

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